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Attorney James Layton Koenig has more than 25 years of experience with all types of criminal law cases, so you can depend on him for knowledgeable representation. As a former prosecutor, he has a keen insight into how the other side works, which helps him work more efficiently for you. Read Mr. Koenig's complete attorney profile to learn more about him.

Areas of Practice

Make Koenig Criminal Defense your defense firm in New York because of our experience in various areas of practice. From homicide and drugs to robbery and white collar crime, our attorneys and Koenig Criminal Defense gives you a fighting chance in defending yourself against criminal charges. In many cases, Koenig Criminal Defense can negotiate plea bargains that prevent the need to go to trial. 
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Build a stronger case in your favor with legal services from Koenig Criminal Defense. Koenig Criminal Defense has made the difference between freedom and prison for thousands of clients.


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If you have been charged with a criminal offense hire Koenig Criminal Defense to help you protect your freedom and your future. James Koenig is an experienced former prosecutor who has the resources and the expertise to provide the skilled legal counsel and representation that you need when the state or federal government charges you with a crime.
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